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But first: I thought I’d finally hit an inconsistency in importing my life list to the end of 2003. Wildlife Recorder had my total as 791 against 790.

Oh no! That would have taken some detective work to isolate and I was about to don the old deerstalker and dust off the magnifying glass. But I remembered that WR has an interesting glitch whereby changing sightings don’t always propagate through to the lists.

I regenerated my world tally and… dah-dah! 790 was the result at that time. Phew!

You may have noticed the value that online recording adds to this blog. Previously if I wanted to link to useful information about a site, like where in the world it is, I had to go find a web page, generally on Wikipedia. But now I can link through to my own page complete with exact location as I have identified it on Google Maps. Better still, scrolling down brings all the sightings I have made there.

Check out Aberdeen, although I must say that Birdstack was quite unable to locate the city itself. I had to resort to typing in Stonehaven and navigating from there. The same happened with Southampton and Portsmouth – odd.

Anyway, another plus is that I can link to my sightings of a species if I want to highlight it. They’re all on a map. Well, I can see them. You’ll probably just get everyone’s sightings, like these starlings. Comparing the two is a bit depressing though: it looks like it’s just me and A.N.Other using the system.

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