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Towards Mission Honeyeaters

Towards Mission Honeyeaters

At an introductory price of £5.99, an account of exploring localities in Singapore & Western Australia as the first part of Mission: Honeyeaters.

Dateline: late 2008. The dried-blood peninsulas of Monkey Mia and Useless Loop give a two-fingered salute to the adventurer flying in from Asia. At Perth the more friendly welcome swallows greet the disembarking traveller. It is that quintessentially antipodean family, the honeyeaters that he seeks, though.

From hatching the master plan in the UK, via the start of the mission in Singapore, to ten days in south-west Australia, the birder also aims to push his life list towards 1,000. It’s not just birds that fill out the story: the landscapes, cities, food, drink, culture shock and vanilla tourist attractions also play cameo roles.

Plus excerpts from the rest of Mission: Honeyeaters.

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