The Future Looks Bright

I gotta wear shades. Following on from the mission, the plan is in place – Plan A. There is no Plan B. The scheme is to become cash rich to keep me going until income from books, this blog, pension, bird guiding, what remains of my stocks and (dare I say?) poker exceeds outgoings. Result happiness as Mr Micawber would say. Even more happiness when unanticipated money shows up.

The pension has been the big source lately with my grand old age of 55 allowing me to take a lump sum. The actual monthly payments that will also occur will just about foot the beer bill, unless I cut that back, which is probably a good idea. Anyhow, this gets me through to year end and recent stock market disposals push me on to the middle of 2012.

By then I need to be able to sell some of the remaining shares. And this means I need William Hill, Concurrent Technologies, Lloyds Banking and Savills to put on a nice spurt. (Come on, everyone, you really want to buy these!) They’ll see me to mid-2013.
Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi

I want to hang on to Impax, Neptune Green Planet, PV Crystalox Solar and Dialight because they are my environmental portfolio. A nice spurt from them will be good too! (I can’t complain about Dialight, which has shot through the roof in little over a year.) I’m hanging on to my Premium Bonds as well: wanna be in line for that million.

What about the car? I have a figure of £4,999 in mind for its value but it’s so convenient, especially in public transport-free Portishead. And with the price of gas still rocketing my fuel efficient motor will make it even more sense against occasionally renting a vehicle. But, to make the end of 2013, it may have to go.

That’s the better part of three years still. And not even down to the bone by then. Who needs a Plan B?

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