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Schweich Bridge

The rhyne flows from Den Dungen Bridge on Harbour Road, Portishead to Schweich Bridge on Newfoundland Phoenix Way (Google Maps has this wrong). This is my usual route but further on, to the pill by the Marina lock gates, continues the good birding. It’s the last bit of semi-natural habitat for the local passerines so tits, finches, thrushes and warblers congregate away from the bricks, tiles and stones of the human breeding units. It’s a place to start the patch month list.

Unremarkable and scruffy otherwise, this wildlife corridor must be in danger of being “tidied up”; I’m sure it poses all sorts of threats to health and safety so it’s only a matter of time. And we can’t have that sort of eyesore running through a pristine modern development. (Although we can allow crisp packets, discarded McDonald’s, dog shit, plastic bottles and bags, and Coke cans.)

The scruffiness contributed meadowsweet and fat-hen to my growing roster of weeds. That’s a confident 35 species locally. A true botanist would probably find twice that many. So the rhyne is not just good for birds.

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