Stert Flats

I figured there should be cliffs at the end of the Quantocks and therefore seabirds to either side. Stolford seemed a good bet but as I approached and was clearly passing Hinkley, I knew I’d been there before. It was flat then and it still is. It also looks a little Godforsaken so I didn’t plan on hanging around.

If seabirds weren’t on the menu, shorebirds certainly were. The site is next door to the rather more famous estuary at Steart. Why the difference in spelling? That’s English for you.

Anyway the tide was well out so there was plenty of mud for them. Little egrets were obvious but the others required my scope. Enter Somerset‘s 155th species for me. The actual bird shouldn’t have been a surprise because they’ve been everywhere lately. Yes, more whimbrels.

This puts the county on a par with San Mateo and now comfortably second to Angus in the UK. There’s a way to go to catch up with the three years I lived there (plus two years regular visiting from Edinburgh).

Hmm, having double checked my San Mateo list on Birdstack, I now see it’s actually 154. I’d logged my first yellow-rumped warbler as a default myrtle, which was probably not correct. This listing business… it’s an approximation at best.

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