Somerset Waterbird Bonanza

OK, so I did return to Herriotts at Chew Valley and finally admitted the spotted sandpiper to my British list. I’d seen it enough that it couldn’t have been a common sandpiper every time. A few days later, just for good measure, the list went up again with the sharp-tailed sandpiper. I had to thank Redditch WWT not coming to the Somerset Levels for that one. Otherwise I’d have been with them.

Blagdon‘s Slavonian grebe went on to my Somerset list, but not Avon since that retained last year’s bird off Portishead. The latter did gain red-crested pochard and the red-breasted merganser that’s supposed to be pretty regular at Chew.

The middle of November was exciting and rounded off an excellent autumn for the Somerset reservoirs. I’m assuming, but not hoping, that the winter will be quieter.

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