Regular as Clockwork

In seven out of the ten springs that I’ve been recording in this country one bird has regularly turned up in the four-day window starting today. This evening I heard its characteristic scream as I sat here ready to type up more of my Australian adventures. Both that and this post have subsequently taken a back seat as I grapple with OpenOffice Writer.

Yes, I’m trying that in preference to upgrading Word Starter on my Eee. It’s not the money that’s the issue but the portability as I hope to migrate to Apple some time and weaning myself off Microsoft would be a good step in that direction. Anyway my major battle with Writer concerns losing all my AutoCorrect entries, and they were manifold. I have a whole shorthand system for thousands of words and there’s no simple way to transport them.

So I’m starting afresh with only the most used. The whole process had become rather unwieldy as I probably was slowing myself down by entering ever more obscure abbreviations. There was no limit to them, basically. This time I’ll restrict the entries to the thousand or so most common words (that’s one of them!) and those that I use repeatedly such as bird, Australian and computer.

So, what was the bird? A swift, of course (and there’s another phrase for which I have a shortcut).

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