“Put That Light Out!”

Ah, the old ARP warden (what was his name? Hodges? Doesn’t that sound officious too?) from Dad’s Army and his immortal line. The penalty for not doing so back in those World War II days might be a German bomb on the head. Today, it may be the future of the whole planet, or at least our future on it. May be. Too important to gamble with anyway. Get over to Earth Hour for the full scoop on lights off at 8.30 tonight.

Hey, and keep them off for longer than just the hour so that we can get our dark sky back. Can you imagine an entire generation growing up without seeing the stars? Well, here’s more news. It’s been happening. When was the last time you saw all the constellations?

What sort of legacy are we leaving, here in the Anthropocene? Yup, we’re defining a whole new epoch, maybe an entire period if the mass extinction continues. At least we’ll show on the geologic record, eh?

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