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Pokerbird Is Risen

But is still punch drunk. With a little pruning the blog lives again at on DreamHost but it runs slower than a constipated turd. That’s the second US site with speed issues so I’m returning to my old plan of finding a UK host. (HostGator, also in the US anyway, wanted me to send photocopies of passport and credit card. How do they manage to recruit new customers?)

This should be the last post from so if anyone is pulling a feed from that address, please change it to (I’ll fix Feedburner, which should transfer everyone else). In fact if the old site is still broken, you won’t be getting a feed anyway.

It is still broken. I’ve changed the permalinks so that Feedburner at least can pick it up.

So the search continues for a decent host. Suggestions anyone?

1 comment to Pokerbird Is Risen

  • Andy

    And what the fuck is this configuration doing with commas? Squishing them up to the next character. And the ampersand. This is why working in computers 9 years ago was killing me and why I’d rather go for death by starvation as a writer.

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