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iPod Bird Sightings

The Birdstack story started with my wish to log birds in the field with the new iPod Touch. To make any sense of that I had to export all my records to the Cloud and that’s done with a few errors to correct.

So how does the logging work out now? Rather neatly as it happens. Provided I have a list for a site or general area – and those are abuilding – I can get a CSV file of the species seen there. It’s then a matter of moments for Excel to convert this into something that Documents To Go can read. I even have a macro that deletes unnecessary columns and so on, ready for me to add a standard header.

This has all the field names as required by Birdstack’s import so that I just need to enter checkmarks in the field, synchronise back home and massage the XLS file on my laptop. There I delete the species I haven’t seen, set the correct date and ensure I have the right locations. Then it’s back to CSV format and an upload as per the import of my historical records.

I thought it would be neat to create site lists with the most recent dates of species so that I could exclaim, ‘A-ha! Haven’t seen that since 1996’ or some such. But I’ve had to revert to first sightings because the widgets screwed– sorry, didn’t behave as expected.

Writing it all down sounds a tad involved but it is now more automated than before with less room for error. It works for me anyway.

2 comments to iPod Bird Sightings

  • gina aguilera

    Andy, you’re killing me. Have you tried my app? My bird observations? I wrote it just for this. No massaging. If you don’t like it, please tell me why. Gina

  • Andy

    I’m a big DIYer, Gina, and not afraid to get my Excel hands dirty. I will have a look at MBO, I promise, and give it a review here.

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