Having recently posted that I need mealy redpoll for my life list, the process of importing to Birdstack has alerted me to the fact that the IOC does not split this from lesser redpoll. The BOU does, hence its appearance as a blocker on my Bubo list for the UK. It’s unusual for an inconsistency to be this way round.

Uploading my sightings in thirds of a year – early, mid and late – seems to be partitioning them into manageable chunks. The 1990s are through fine, just flagging the records I used to keep of continental cormorants. I don’t bother with them any more.

My Somerset list is complete and consistent to the end of 1999, where it stopped for a decade. The widget at the top of this piece is what comes out of Birdstack when you click ‘Stack it!’ on a list. I think it shows the five most recent additions to the list but I could be wrong. I’ll keep checking back.

One thought on “IOC vs. BOU

  1. Well, the list has got the first two right but no way the next three, so I don’t know what it shows.

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