IOC Splits in Birdstack


I like the way that this is flagging potential lifers. Among the latest have been: great tit, which split into Japanese and cinereous in the middle of 2008; nuthatch, spawning Siberian at the same time; the kestrel in South Africa became rock kestrel early in 2009; long-tailed tit getting a Chinese version.

Best of all, and one I missed back in July’s taxonomy, is moorhen, whose American cousin became common gallinule. Mind you, I am having to change every one of my thirty-seven US sightings to reflect the split. No pain, no gain. And the gain is a world life list of 1070 now.

I’m not liking so much the loss of subspecies data, such as for pied/white wagtail. I’ll have to keep that distinction in the notes, which I also need because I log whether a sighting is only a hearing. Birdstack doesn’t have a special facility for this.

Anyway, the online life list now sits at 73. This is fine but it does look as though there’s no option to extract counts from the data. It would also be nice to have some kind of yearly or monthly summary per list, a la Wildlife Recorder. Hopefully stuff like this is all in the pipeline.

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