Hawaii to Malaysia Corrections

Oahu, Hawaii

It’s eight years since I did this trip (actually from San Francisco to Bangkok) and now Birdstack is highlighting errors I made in my sightings. Errors and modern usage: folk may once have been happy with the Pekin robin I saw on Oahu but the IOC now has it as red-billed leiothrix. Blimey, I didn’t even know leiothrixes (leiothrices?) existed. It’s a babbler, not a million miles from our blackcap. It’s from Asia and, like so many species on Hawaii, introduced there.

Tonga’s greater crested terns – later also seen in New South Wales and more recently in Prevelly – are called swift terns. And what I had as red-fronted parakeet on Stewart Island has become red-crowned, which in turn is now New Caledonian parakeet. Are you keeping up?

The white-vented myna I thought I saw at Port Kelang was a great myna and I would have lost a lifer (an armchair untick) if I hadn’t seen the former in Singapore. Which is a bit dodgy because those birds are introduced. Darwin’s pied imperial pigeons were a different species – to whit, Torresian imperial pigeon. It’s good to get that cleared up: my Morcombe and Wildlife Recorder were at odds when I entered them from 2009’s trip.

I’m not too sure about the shy albatross I saw, also from Stewart Island. The species has spawned Chatham and Salvin’s, either of which would also have been possible. I’ll keep the record as it is. There were other species splits, mainly along the Australia, PNG divide and so, easy to resolve.

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