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Goosander, Portishead Marina

Fennel Road, Port Marine, Portishead

The long-staying female was still at Parish Wharf last night, up by what is now Coco Café. It used to be MeMe Chocolat and may retain some connection since that’s what’s printed on my milk jug this morning. There’s some art on the walls too; I’m so unobservant I don’t know if that’s different. Some Op Art and a thickly encrusted acrylic piece from where I sit.

Back to birds and last night, about twenty pied wagtails foraged on the “duck-feeding” path and two rock pipits further towards the lock gates. This morning reed buntings made only their third appearance on the patch, always at the little invagination (thank you, Autumnwatch, for that word) of Portbury Wharf into Phoenix Way at Fennel Road. The saplings in that stretch attract all manner of interesting birds.

OK, all eyes are now on Colchester to see if Southampton can salvage the season and push for automatic promotion. Nothing less is acceptable. (Not that I belong to the school that would sack the manager if it doesn’t happen. We’ve had too much of that lately.)

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