Goldcrest, Port Marine


Amazing that I haven’t picked this up yet but one flitted through the saplings at the end of Phoenix Way this morning. Indeed it was close enough to pick up its golden crown stripe without binoculars. What a stunning bird. And our smallest, despite the answer to the old Trivial Pursuit question. Did they ever fix that from being erroneously the wren?

Under the IOC taxonomy goldcrest precedes the wren family and follows the Australian white-eyes. This is no surprise for those of us who have seen all three. Yet the goldcrest, or kinglet in the USA, is such a magical sighting. How can something so small survive? And still be so gorgeous?

Also new yesterday was a pochard in Bristol’s Floating Harbour, probably two: from the Portishead bus I couldn’t quite make out the identity of the bird with it. On my way to the Bristol Writers Group meeting I also had singing blackbirds and song thrushes. Clearly spring comes early in the big city. Actually a song thrush was in full cry through Eastwood this afternoon, as well as many great tits.

Will they all get a shock in the next few weeks?

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