Finally an Angus Kingfisher, 2004

Duns Dish

From Friday, July 9:

“Well, technically not Angus. Dighty Water in Dundee, to be precise. But in the birding world the two are lumped together.

“I have been living here for over a year and have visited Old Montrose Pier many times without ever catching up with the birds there, so it was getting frustrating. Indeed the day before this sighting I had pretty much frozen to death in the same spot looking for a non-existent ruddy shelduck and of course there was also no sign of the kingfishers. Incidentally isn’t it supposed to be warm in the middle of July? Maybe not with an Arctic wind blowing off Montrose Basin.

“Anyway I had just about given up at Dighty Water when I caught a flash of that metallic blue fly up to a branch, registered the rusty breast and then clearly spooked the bird into departing as quickly as it had come. I loitered for a while hoping that the bird would return but only managed to register a female blackcap in the process.

“The location also provided a singing sedge warbler to give me a Dundee list of 75 – not bad for about six months. There is quite a way to go to beat my best city list of 134 for Mountain View but that’s in California and it has the advantage of being on San Francisco Bay. It also took me three years.

“And it was considerably warmer.”

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