Early Spring Migrants


The phantom chatterBirds blogger strikes again! About a month late but ho-hum.

Talking of migrants, chiffchaffs and blackcaps have penetrated almost deepest Bristol, up the Frome Valley from Stapleton. They weren’t the best birds on display today. Actually they weren’t displaying at all, just singing out of sight.

Several jays flew quietly through branches but they weren’t the best birds either. I added a drumming great spotted woodpecker to my Bristol list but that also wasn’t it. Nor a calling nuthatch, also new for the city.

No, the day’s star was not only a Bristol tick but a 2011 bird. Technically it shouldn’t have been a year tick because it called as it arrowed upriver. In so doing it confirmed that the peep I’d been reluctant to identify a week back at Compton Dando (after my duck-hunting exertions) had also come from a kingfisher. This River Frome bird though was unmistakable, and still in business, even on a busy Sunday afternoon.

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