Dunlin, Port Marine

Creative Commons License Alan Vernon

Another shorebird has made it over to the Marina side of Portishead Pill, or whatever it’s called. Regardless of name, that makes the species my 64th local patch tick. This morning just one of these little sandpipers was picking around among its larger redshank cousins. It may have been one bird from the main flock that flashes along Portbury Wharf’s shore – taking a hol from the others?

Spring is definitely winding up. A skylark was singing over the spartina and one of our rock pipits did his parachute thing by the lock gates. I struggled up to Eastwood; this virus has truly sapped my stamina. A red admiral floated by and settled to absorb what it could of the sun. February 12, that seems awful early. Any lepidopterists out there care to comment?

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