Dead Portishead Ducks

Dead Mallards

These two mallards floated along Portbury Rhyne as I walked over Schweich Bridge (let’s trust these German townsfolk will still be proud of their association with our benighted backwater). This is not a million miles from the injured swan I’ve already reported. The incidents coming together after a year of quiet begin to look like a pattern. Especially in the light of the swans shot on the Somerset Levels.

All the local victims will at some time have been in the neighbourhood of the Brampton Way housing development, i.e. round by the Gordano Gate. Perhaps someone there could keep an eye on the rhyne flowing past? Our local children are no angels when it comes to vandalism. Or even slaughter. By conspicuously pulling my camera out, I’ve recently managed to scatter a pair who looked up to no good in the Marina.

Alright, I hear you say. Who cares? They’re only swans and ducks and our kids are so fucking precious. Well, I care. Waterfowl are ancient residents of our planet, far older than we are – just like these albatross chicks on Midway Island. The Japanese tsunami hit them too. They’re endangered; the Japanese aren’t. But who gets all the column inches?

We really need to examine our relationship with this planet.

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