Dead Bird News

The latest is again murderous Malta, killing spoonbills this time. Just before that, rare whooping cranes are being shot in the southern USA. That’s what happens when ignorant rednecks get hold of guns.

No, expand that thought: the Department of Agriculture (or is it the Fish and Wildlife Service? How these people love to hide behind their meaningless, anodyne titles) slaughters millions of birds in the USA every year, without bothering to check if the endangered rusty blackbird is among ‘em.

Still, one bird got its revenge when a cockfighting rooster stabbed some cunt from Lamont, CA to death. Ha-ha! And yah-boo-sucks to him. On the subject of cunts and the USA, mega-rich property-owners want to assert their “right” to boot bald eagles off “their” land.

And finally, in our own backyard, one website keeps tabs on the Scottish raptor persecution that’s still rife. What a wonderful world.

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