Car-Free Wader

They’ve been flooding up the Severn Estuary in record numbers so it was always likely that the odd one or two would hit our shores. Indeed the Bristol Ornithological Club was reporting a few at Portbury Wharf. I extended yesterday’s emergency visit to Waitrose (11p for a knob of ginger; they’ll not go bust with me as a customer!) to the Marina lock. From there a brisk north-easterly made long distance viewing a problem but the one wader on the extensive mud did not look like a curlew.

I was desperately trying to pin down its bill shape. It looked pretty straight. In the end I had to go more on patterns. The bird had pale underparts and contrasting uppers. This is not a curlew configuration. It’s not a mature male godwit either but it does fit female bar-tailed godwit.

That being so it’s new for Portishead but, even more, new for my walking list. That goes up to 142, maybe more: there must be some way to incorporate my Upton Warren sightings from the late ’90s. Yup, my house in Stoke Prior looked out over the reserve and it was a walk of moments to get to the Moors Pool.

So, what’s next ? Not much hope for turtle dove in this area so spotted flycatcher is about the last of the migrants to pass through – not that I’ve seen yellow wagtail, garden warbler, osprey, etc, etc, yet.

PS. Saints are up!

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