British Birding Year 2nd Edition

British Birding Year

With more, better words in a nicer font – 9-point Georgia after much experimentation. Cheaper too at £8.99; yes, I’m even making the price look professional. The PDF comes in at £5.99 and now I’m about to do battle with the eBook.

It’s more complex this time because I want to list on Apple’s iBookstore and that means ePub format. I hoped for a simple conversion from Word documents and thought I’d found it with 2ePub, which has the added bonus of being up in the Cloud. Bah! The result was riddled with errors.

The next best seems to be a downloadable programme, eCub, but it doesn’t feed on raw files. It looks as though construction is a process of copying and pasting chapters. Well, I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

Ooh, and check out my world life lists: I now have California and mainland USA complete on Birdstack to the end of 2008.

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