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One commentator has called these cool and they are cool, and various of them have graced individual posts thus far. Now they are aggregating into their own page, which holds lists that I am sanity-checking on my way through the sightings import. This has reached the end of 2004 so most of the widgets are not yet up-to-date, excepting Connecticut, which was done and dusted in 1997.

Shame the records there went in arse-about-face and not in correct date order. I’ll just have to go back and add some new species. Anyone care to sponsor me?

This lists page will need a partitioning before it becomes unwieldy and probably a pig to load too. So far it also contains California, Santa Clara County, Somerset, Avon, Hampshire and Worcestershire. Only California isn’t 2004-complete after I spent ages tracking down the 220th species in Santa Clara. That was a real job of trying to find sites where I’d seen the only records of rare species, like rusty blackbird (at a shopping mall!)

The longest task in this transfer is identifying the sites. There are so many and I have no idea about some of them from fifteen years ago! Trying to complete the sublists has been a way of getting some priority into nailing locations; otherwise it would be overwhelming. And I think sites add the real value to this project. Not only am I no longer hoarding all my data but the information now has some geographic significance.

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