Birdstack Import Complete

It’s taken the better part of three months but nearly sixteen years’ worth of data has whistled from my local Wildlife Recorder to the global cloud. At least these 33,335 sightings are exported up to the end of February: I’ve decided to batch each month up to Birdstack after using WR as a front-end. I also need the old programme for the more detailed analysis that I don’t get online.

That is until my Excel expertise (which will be no bad thing) gets me to the stage where I can massage figures out of downloaded CSV files. Birdstack will dump raw data that way and I’m using it to back up locally – 7Mb and growing as I add coordinates, counties, states and countries to my locations. This is quite a size but a vast improvement on the 290Mb that Wildlife Recorder consumes.

The world life list is all present and correct on 1,072 and in time I hope all my other lists will sync up. I also still have the interesting task of fixing heard and pending records between 2000 and 2005. That can just amuse me in quiet moments. Now let’s see how useful the sightings actually are…

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