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This looks like it could be painful, filling in one web page per sighting. I can’t see any mechanism for adding a bunch of them for each site, unless it’s by selecting the site and then adding a species to it. Even then you still have to type in most of a bird’s name before the autofill narrows the species down enough to select from its dropdown list. Try it with sparrowhawk. At least the subsequent details page provides a shortcut for today’s date.

Then Birdstack cycles back to the site page for the next observation. It’s still not good for recording a typical day’s sightings, which can be forty-odd around here. Pity the poor sods in truly bird-rich countries! I can see a case for using the import mechanism just for day-to-day lists.

I’ll have another look at My Bird Observations since that put me on the track of Birdstack in the first case.

Meanwhile my jaunt through California’s 2001 birds is highlighting the need to specify counties for each site. If you forget and do it later, the system wipes out your previous, carefully pinpointed latitude and longitude. I don’t know. It’s far from perfect. I hope it’s a work in progress. So far the response to bugs has been good. But are new features in the pipeline?

4 thoughts on “Birdstack Data Entry

  1. And pity the sods with slow Internet connections – eeekkkk :/
    I think I’ll stick with eBird :/
    Thanks for pointing it out though – and for the review!

  2. I like the widget too. I also like Bubo’s widget which shows the list total. Thanks for the heads-up about connection speed. I hadn’t thought about that although page-loading did seem slow even with the moderately fast broadband here.

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