Another Port Marine Warbler

In contrast to what my Collins Bird Guide calls Sylviidae, the IOC orders the warbler families: Cetti’s warbler; long-tailed tit(!); leaf warblers, like chiffchaffs; Acrocephalidae; Locustellidae; sylviid babblers, such as blackcaps and whitethroats. It’s quite different and puts the Acrocephalidae, or reed warblers, more up-front.

So that’s where I must remember to look when I check them on my lists and this morning produced a pleasant surprise. I may well have seen reed warbler actually in Portishead but not in the new development. I say seen but heard was the best available by Schweich bridge as the hidden bird chattered merrily away. Still, it’s another new one for the patch.

Further warblers were many blackcaps, some chiffchaffs and a couple of whitethroats. The aerial migrants comprised swallows and one apiece of house martin and swift.

Now back to OpenOffice. I spent most of yesterday persuading Calc to replace Microsoft Money, which is no longer supported. I have it, after a fashion, but now the AutoCorrect saga continues…

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