All-Season British Bird Tour by Train

Bird Tour by Train

How does this look on Twitter? Is it on Facebook? Does AddThis pick up more than nonsense? Is the Web 2.0 failing me? Is it just me?

Specifically, Twitter has recently started feeding garbage instead of the first few words of blog posts. I can fix this (I hope) by adding an excerpt to each article. This is probably Best Practice anyway. Also, for a month, my tweets have not been making it through to Facebook. I’ve reconnected the two so fingers crossed.

But AddThis, or anything, still can’t post sensibly to Facebook. I’ve tried on several other people’s blogs, both WordPress and Blogger. Same result: it’s not personal then. In desperation I went to the top, the BBC, but they have their own Facebook icon, which does work. Looks like that’s the way to go.

Anyway, the guinea pig for testing this malarkey is the latest booklet from British Bird Tours, which starts a bit like:

“Even suitable for winter, this four-day railway safari should net you between 80 and 90 species, starting from as little as £155 travel and lodging. This cost is lower than, and the tally comparable to, doing the whole shebang by car. The route, from London to Scotland, takes in four top-notch birding sites.

“The highlights are bitterns and bearded tits, and wintering thrushes and waterfowl, for which the country is internationally important. London offers several exotics – such as rose-ringed (aka ring-necked) parakeet – that have made the UK, and the official British list, their home.”

How can you resist? Go, buy!

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