A Miracle


Quite without any intervention from me, the blog has resurrected itself and all the old incoming links work again. How can this be?

Well, my story is set somewhere around my website host so I’ll be changing that, probably to one that specifically supports WordPress, like BlueHost or DreamHost. I like the latter: it does stuff like carbon credits and a free trial. I’m also looking at HostGator because so many people recommend it.

When I do transfer, I will tidy up the permalinks and may as well change the domain back to thepokerbird. I’ll make sure all the redirection is working before the big move. Some time I’ll post normally again, to get my Quantocks trip (one week ago!) online. Meanwhile, here’s a link to an interesting bear rescue charity I found in Holford of all places.

One thought on “A Miracle

  1. And it’s broken again, quite without any action from me, again. Definitely time to move…

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