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That’s what I may as well call it, so long has elapsed since the last one. I’m hardly abusing folks’ email addresses! On that subject this is the last letter I’ll post to those I have gleaned in my mail client. Here on in I’m leaving the mailing list management to Google Groups so if you wish to continue receiving the newsletter, you’ll need to subscribe.

Last year’s letter ran something like: “Three months and what water has flowed under the bridge? Not so much flowing as sitting mid-October to record a measly 18 species from the Walkwood 17-foot circle. Will this year’s effort be any better? Will it take place in Portishead, my latest pitching ground?

“It’s not just me that moves. A final thought about population signalled the end of my blog’s tenure on Google and its migration to WordPress, where 350 ppm came to mean something. So did 10,347, the current accepted number of bird species in the world.

“Still I didn’t keep still, being off to Glasgow at the end of the month to catch up with my Landmark chums and an inspired piece of listening to women. Yeah, really, actually listening to them. I hopped across to my bro in Peebles in persistent rain and then further east to see an American at Aberlady.

“All that driving gave me cause to think about my car miles but didn’t stop me from motoring to Norfolk or my Bird Atlas tetrad at the end of November. December saw probably my last Worcestershire twitch before everything wound down to my move and then Christmas at my other bro’s place, outside Brighton

“Then back up to Peebles and snow, snow, snow for Hogmanay, which has continued to the extent that I have still only managed one outing, to Joppa, this year. A thaw tomorrow, apparently, then maybe I can get further north for a couple of days.”

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