2008: Long-Billed Corellas, Rockingham

Long-Billed Corellas

I didn’t know exactly what part of Mandurah I was in, except it was deep in the heart of marinas and million-dollar homes. At least I was finally in a place that was clearly booming, probably as a weekend destination or satellite for Perthites. It was impressive but not what I needed and anxiety was setting in.

Another thirty kilometres up the highway lay Rockingham, almost part of Perth itself. Downtown wasn’t promising but Tourist Information listed a whole bunch of accommodation numbers. Finally, my Aussie phone got some use since I was out of time for my normal ploy of driving round to investigate. I had to settle for an over-budget $100: I wasn’t going to risk travelling any further. That and the next couple of nights at Perth’s Formule 1 would make an expensive end to the Western Australia leg.

Rockingham’s Ocean Clipper Inn was at least downtown, which hosted the perfectly acceptable unlicensed Kinnaree Thai restaurant. Opting out of alcohol for the second night running felt virtuous and economical.

I later strolled the lawns by the harbour and logged lifer 891 thanks to introduced flocks of long-billed corellas. I didn’t feel too bad about counting them because I would likely be seeing some in their native South Australia and Victoria. Member of the Cacatua genus of the cockatoos, this species joined the little corellas I’d seen at Herdsman Lake and the sulphur-crested cockatoos from Sydney in 2003. I never did see the fourth Australian species, western corella, which had been possible through Walpole-Nornalup.

2 thoughts on “2008: Long-Billed Corellas, Rockingham

  1. The Cacatua pastinator pastinator — Muir’s Corella (southern), Western Long-billed Corella (southern)
    can be found in Frankland River township and surrounding districts mainly during the summer months.

  2. Thanks for that, Eve. It looks as though I rather skirted their stronghold, so no surprise that I missed them.

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