2001: Glaucous Gull, Palo Alto

Glaucous Gull

Two days after dipping on Alviso’s individual, I had my reward in the “afternoon at the Baylands duck pond, where another bird was still cadging food. It seemed that some of the first-year glaucous-winged gulls were looking very washed out and so could also be candidates for confusion with the white gulls. This means the gull that I previously reported was probably glaucous-winged or Thayer’s.

“Next up: the white-fronted goose was still with the flock of Canadas in Byxbee Park. Then, at about four or four-thirty the first short-eared owl appeared and even perched obligingly on the wire fence surrounding the out-of-bounds grassy area. A little later two of them were in flight and sparring with a northern harrier.

“Cool stuff.” Cool, indeed. That little haul shot the Santa Clara list up to 187.

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