Wrens Split: Birds to Go Solo

In a shock announcement, appropriately on July 4, the species’ manager IOC said that the Troglodytes Family – American twins, Hiemalis and Pacificus, and leader Troglodytes himself – will pursue their own solo careers. Pacificus, at his California forest retreat, cited artistic differences for the rift. Hiemalis is out of reach somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard and, back here in the Midlands, Troglodytes refused to comment.

Repercussions were felt around the northern hemisphere and the values of Life List rose accordingly – your correspondent’s personally to 1068 while his American Tally peaked at 415.

In the same press release, and almost overlooked, Woodhouse Jay is to leave the Scrub Jays, stating that “the West Coast sound is no longer where it’s at, man. My scene is over the hills and far away.”

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