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WordPress Woes Solved: Part I

Disaster Area Stunt Ship

Instant speed!

My God, how could I have struggled so long? And you, dear readers, if you are any. At the crawl that my posts used to load no wonder you deserted me in droves. Come back! I have a UK website host (eUKhost) but the location may not be relevant. The response time is.

Not that the transition was painless. It never is, as I predicted. First, I had to upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1: it was a good opportunity. These releases come too thick and fast for the solo operator, so they tend to stack up. Then the switching of the nameservers. These are the things that really points to; this pushed it from GoDaddy’s Netherlands (why Netherlands?) servers to my new host. And…

Nothing. Of course, nothing. For a start, all my saved URLs pointed to, not, which is GoDaddy’s implementation of subdomains. Simples. I just typed in and… same old, same old. To cheat on the true story, the solution was to tell eUKhost to look for index.php in its list of default documents, or files that it tries to run when you only give it a directory name.

Except eUKhost had no facility for this, oh no. I had to use DotNetPanel, which meant finding it first. Oh, my host’s dashboard had a DNP button on it. Pushing it felt like pushing a button on Disaster Area’s stunt ship. Happily nothing more dangerous occurred than being taken to what looked like a welcome page with no exits.

Clearly, I needed this DotNetPanel but where, oh where, was it?

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