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WordPress and ASP Hosting

This site runs horribly, if it runs at all. Am I doing something weird with WordPress? I’m not overloading it or, if I were, there’d be no hope for blogs that churn out several posts a day. They do exist and run happily. No, even the management suite can fail to load at times, so there has to be something fundamentally wrong.

I’ll start with my domain host. To this end, I’ll be shutting this site down for a while to transfer it to a new host – one in the UK, in case that’s an issue. I’ve picked on eUKhost because they run PHP and MySQL – both necessary for WordPress. They also run ASP.NET, which I need for my portal and burgeoning business empire – ha-ha. I’ll also get subdomains so that I can continue to use

The next problem will be my email address, which shows up as spam on several mail servers, like Hotmail. This can happen when a host’s IP is marked as bad because of some spammy or otherwise dodgy site on the same host. Not that I’m casting aspersions.

Finally, eUKhost do offer a shopping cart, which may be nice-to-have. I do want some sort of bookshop and checkout system although I think PayPal does provide a one-item payment feature.

So, cross fingers and hope I can transfer with few glitches (I’m too old a hand to expect a smooth passage – oo-er, missus) and that the site really does speed up. It’s almost unworkable at the moment.

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