Winter Migrants’ Dates


Today marks my earliest ever sighting of brambling so it doesn’t seem that I’ll beat that one, from Dunwich Heath last century. Doesn’t it sound impressive when you say ‘last century’? I could even claim last millenium.

Regardless, the occasion inspired me to create a table of my early and late dates for our wintering visitors and yer tis:

Species Name         Early Date  Late Date
Velvet Scoter            15-Sep     26-Mar
Pink-footed Goose        17-Sep     29-Apr
Whooper Swan             24-Sep     16-Apr
Brent Goose              27-Sep     23-Mar
Purple Sandpiper          1-Oct     26-Apr
Redwing                   8-Oct     16-Apr
Fieldfare                13-Oct      3-Apr
Snow Bunting             14-Oct      6-Mar
Brambling                15-Oct     21-Apr
Short-eared Owl          17-Oct     22-Feb
Long-tailed Duck         19-Oct     19-Apr
Great Northern Diver     28-Oct     17-Mar
White-fronted Goose      29-Oct     15-Mar
Waxwing                  12-Nov     15-Jan
Bewick's Swan            13-Nov      7-Feb
Bean Goose               14-Nov     15-Jan
Red-necked Grebe         26-Nov     15-Feb
Water Pipit              29-Nov      6-Mar
Smew                     15-Dec     11-Apr

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