Whooper Swan, Chew Valley Lake

I’m doing well on these birds – first Slimbridge, then Cheddar and today one from the Stratford Hide for my 103rd species at the Lake and my 148th in Avon – keeping neck-and-neck with Somerset. A quick stop at Herriott’s – and it was quick in temperatures that had plummeted several degrees and a flurry of rain – netted wintering green sandpipers and greenshank before I headed for Blagdon in the gloaming.

Balanced against the disadvantage of not seeing clearly is the advantage of hearing the odd owl that might think it’s about dark enough to hoot. So it was for only my second tawny of the year. Then it was time for home after a somewhat late start to the day. I blame several cans of Carlsberg Export last night to accompany one of my excellent – though I do say it myself – curries.

Actually I would have been in worse shape for the same amount of Stella so I’ve made a great discovery. Perhaps Carlsberg is ‘the best lager in the world’. It tasted OK too.

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