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While Flocks Last

Not long after the year that Charlie Elder took to see all 40 of Britain’s Red-listed bird species, the job became a third more difficult again. 18 extra species joined the cohort of populations in freefall; although reed bunting, bullfinch, Scottish crossbill, stone-curlew, woodlark and quail made it to the safety of the Amber List. If a decline of less than 50% but still more than 25% could be said to be safe.

I’ve brought this up before: imagine if two billion people suddenly went missing. That’s a 30% decline.

Misanthropy over. Is the book any good? Of course it is. I read it through to the end. A proper story again, with a beginning, a quest and an end. And nicely written, with a few turns of phrase that had me green with envy. It was funny too, despite the grim nature of the undertaking, where I use the word deliberately.

Go read, go read.

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