Waxwings, Avonmouth

Waxwing, Edinburgh

I did find them. Or more accurately I found the birders who had found them – always a little tip writers miss out of the fieldcraft guides. It’s an excuse to post my crappy old picture from Edinburgh but I could have kicked myself. The Third Way birds, slap in the middle of an industrial estate, were showing so well, so low down and in such great light that even my camera could have had a decent stab at them.

So, nearly three years after the picture I do have, my 2010 list stands at 203 and Avon goes up to 151 (I’d forgotten that Sunday’s water pipits were also in the old county).

That trip across the river put me near Cribbs Causeway so I went ogling iPod docking stations and headphones. Isn’t it strange how one purchase cascades into a torrent of others? My natural restraint has so far limited me to just software with NoteMaster and Documents To Go. Ooh, that has an interesting glitch – sorry, undocumented feature. Yes, you can edit Office-type files from Dropbox but unless you’ve explicitly downloaded the file, DTG operates on a read-only copy. You find that out when you try to save it. Fortunately the app does somehow untangle itself to sync the file correctly.

This morning I was messing with Genius in the App Store. Oh, that’ll suck me in big time too!

2 thoughts on “Waxwings, Avonmouth

  1. Waxwings at Avonmouth! Really? Do you know if tehy are still around, and in what area? These are one of my favourite birds and I’ve only ever seen one before, that was when I was on hol in Portugal years ago. Andy

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