The Waiting Game

Canada Geese, Blagdon Lake, Somerset

Despite a bit of zoom and cropping and enhancing, this picture still doesn’t show sand martins zipping across Blagdon Lake. Nor would it if I’d used the Hubble Space Telescope and all the darkroom techniques known to Man, ‘cos the birds ain’t here yet.

They weren’t at Barrow Gurney or Chew, either. Not that their non-arrival is a surprise to me: my earliest date for them is not for another couple of weeks yet. But the consensus appears to be that some of ‘em should be gracing our reservoirs by now.

Likewise, wheatears. For me, March 21 is their earliest but I’ve been out looking for them already on the say-so of others.

Oh, well. I did get Canada geese, as you can see. And ruddy ducks, and a goldeneye, and two pintails. And a bunch of common gulls. It’s that strange hiatus between winter and spring, like the world’s holding its breath.

Anyone out there logged any migrants yet?

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