The British Birding Year

Book Cover

It’s early in the day to be cracking open a beer but book number two has hit my Lulu store. I say book but I mean booklet and at a phenomenal price too – eleven quid for forty pages. That’s what one has to charge to get any sort of mark-up from the cost of print-on-demand (POD).

The world will not beat a path to my store but I need to get the tome up there. Its contents will act as a sweetener for the customised self-guided bird tours I hope to sell. More ballast than sweetener actually because POD books need to be a certain size. Tacking The British Birding Year on to the end of a few site reports will do that.

It’s high quality writing though, honest.

In some future post I’ll go through the hoops I had to jump to get the bird tour website up and running. That’s a threat, not a promise.

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