Sunnyvale Baylands Park, 2000

From March 31:

“You can see burrowing owls in a grassy area between the sports complex and the boardwalk that leads out to the wetlands. I have disturbed a disgruntled individual just to the west of the central pool.

“Re the boardwalk, a pair of swallows may be attempting to nest underneath. Twice recently they have swooped out from under my feet as I passed over.

“Many thanks to those who responded to my yellow-faced sparrows. They were indeed savannah sparrows. The National Geographic does mention in passing the possibility of yellow lores and an eyebrow but does not picture them.

“My county list rose to 110 with a couple of snipe at the car park end of the central pool. What with them, mallards and starlings it felt almost like home! There was also a killdeer with a mashed-up bill – poor sod. I don’t know how it will survive that.”

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