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Blog Subdomain Problem

This is a throwback to my time on GoDaddy when I had to map on to WordPress picked up the latter and used it as the base address for every page on the site. Now that I’m on eUKhost, I could use as was the original intention but the thought of changing the hundreds, maybe thousand or more, internal links littered throughout my posts…

And I wonder what else would break internally. I’m not worried about external links: I’d lose about five. That’s the net (no pun intended) impact of this blog on the Web after a year and a half.

I bring all this up as a continuation of my thoughts back in August about transferring website host. I’ve pretty much lost the thread of that except I do remember a final issue with moving my email address. I had to ensure that DNS was enabled for the domain. It seemed a little odd at the time that one would ever want it disabled. Perhaps if one were allowing access only via a straight IP?

Well, that’s gone for enough into computerese. I’ll post on birds next time. Things have been quiet lately as I’ve tried to earn a crust at the poker tables, not without some success.

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