Spotted Flycatcher, RSPB Ham Wall

Lytes Cary Topiary

Another new species for my Somerset list with an adult feeding two juveniles yesterday evening. Technically Lytes Cary should have the honour because a spotfly was hawking near the pictured bits of topiary late afternoon. In the name of efficiency though I’ll not add that National Trust house to my site inventory, unless it comes up with a real stonker some time.

Not that spotted flycatcher isn’t a stonker and, after torrential rain on the way down, I’d have settled for anything. The day did eventually clear to the promised sunny spells, so I stopped at Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath on the way back. A splendid male marsh harrier made good viewing as I plodded into the former, only as far as the information board and screens. I could have gone on to look for the little bittern but the odds of finding that compared with those of finding the real purpose of the trip…

Which was nightjar at Priddy, or more accurately Stock Hill nearby. Although when I got there, the habitat didn’t seem quite right and then the weather kicked in yet again and against expectations. You win some, you lose some. But mainly you lose some.

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