RSPB, for Birds, for People?

Grey Heron

For ever? It seems I’m a good two tag lines out of date. They’ve been “a million voices for nature” since and are now “nature’s voice”, which I do prefer. The being for people business seemed to play to the baser instincts of hom sap.

“What’s in it for me, guv?” the cynical ear would hear. But, in my more enlightened moments, I consider that our species’ altruism may have been the biggest driver of our success. The RSPB could be just for birds and its members could just be giving something. Wouldn’t that be reason enough to support an organisation?

I ask because Peter Exley talked last night to the Weston-Super-Mare Local Group about RSPB campaigns and their future. The marketing and PR men have been busy with their surveys and found that not so many people, beyond the creditable million who already do, would support the RSPB. They’re working to fix this and fair play to them. The world needs it.

I suggest though that an appeal to generosity may still be the simplest and most powerful call to action.

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