Ravens, Portishead

Gwent Coast from Portishead

These had to happen sooner or later. They’re all around and this morning as I was scanning Portbury Wharf from the Marina, I heard the diagnostic cronk. A pair was flying low from Portbury Dock and on over Eastwood, where they thermalled and attracted a cloud of crows. More than four months have elapsed since a hobby last nudged my Portishead list up and it now stands at 104.

I wandered on to Battery Point. A stiff north breeze cut through the warmth of a brilliant day so I didn’t hang around. My stop was sufficient to realise that I can now join the entire Welsh coast up from Cardiff, through Peterstone Wentlooge, Newport with its power station and wind turbines, then either Cwmbran or Caerleon behind it, and finally Wentwood to the Second Severn Crossing.

The picture just about shows the big white semiconductor plant to the west of Newport and Llanwern steelworks to the east (behind the rather Spartan lighthouse).

2 thoughts on “Ravens, Portishead

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  2. What a weird link this is, and yet right up my street. I can’t deny that a mote of motivation for moving to Portishead was the band. This lot don’t sound too bad although more Bjork than Portishead?

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