Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve


As it is officially after the management handover to Avon Wildlife Trust at the weekend. Thankfully they didn’t persist with the Ashlands name. That would have confused the seasoned birders around here.

It all looks well and good. Wharf Lane will get three hides, although there’s no mention of wader scrapes. Kiddies will get an edumacation facility. And a bridge will make it easier to get from Port Marine to the new hides.

Oh God.

I don’t like this easier business. Easy means the couldn’t-care-less can drift in rather than actually having to get off their fat asses and walk down Wharf Lane. Then the hides will get trashed and we’ll have to pick our way to them through dog-shit and Coke cans.

OK, back to good news. This morning a jay became my 92nd species on the Wharf, then another rubbed it in. A little egret stayed concealed most of the time. I very nearly saw a Cetti’s warbler; another hour staking out its bush may have delivered it. A little grebe had ventured on to the dog-bath – sorry, pool – by Fennel Road. And the sun shone for our Indian summer.

Now I’d like to believe that the snatch of water rail I heard was not a chimera. I’m sure the little blighters are in there somewhere…

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