Port Marine between Showers

This is more like the Bristol area. I’ve survived six months without an umbrella but today had to don the old cagoule to check the local patch. And if the weather is no longer surprising, so too are the birds. Usual suspect time. Of those that weren’t lying low, which birds tend to this time of year, what with young to protect. I even managed to belie my assertion about the inevitability of rock pipits.

So, I’ll have a rant against the anti-raptor brigade…

The editor of Natural World, the Wildlife Trusts’ magazine is probably trying to be too even-handed. An email on the letters page states, “… predator and prey find a balance … We do not know of any evidence to support this concept.”

You mean millions of years of co-existence before humans came along and fucked everything up isn’t any evidence?

Rant over. I’ll venture onto Portbury Wharf tomorrow to see what’s about there.

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