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Online Recording & Listing

My Christmas wish may have come true right at the death of last night. My research into an iPod app included a thread on BirdForum, which led me to My Bird Observations. So far so good.

This records sightings and generates a life list but I want all sorts of lists, of course. I want to import a massive Wildlife Recorder database too. However, MBO also uploads to something mysterious called Birdstack.

A-ha! Paydirt maybe. This is online. This imports from CSV files. This will generate lists from searches based on dates, locations and much more. And the much more includes the IOC taxonomy and neat features like publishing via feeds and widgets.

It sounds too good to be true. So I’m going to give it a whirl with my future sightings and gradually import the related lists to see how it works. And I’ll report back. The first step it to back up all my WR data to CSV as a cut-off snapshot. You will see that I have to tinker with that file.

2 comments to Online Recording & Listing

  • Gina Aguilera

    Hi, I wrote My Bird Observations. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve started work on an android version. For the ipod, the next improvement will an import list function. You can follow my progress on facebook – . I welcome suggestions and comments (if they’re not mean)

  • Andy

    Good to hear from you, Gina. And how could anyone be mean about something we need?

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