Of BirdTrack and Broken Glass

Port Marine Crow's Nest

Despite the mother of all clouds louring over the Severn Estuary I sallied forth to log the local patch birds for the month. No surprises as I started out with the resident goldfinches and pied wagtails tinkling and chirruping and chasing. The trees are still bare but even so I nearly missed an untidy construction of twigs in one of them.

This was a surprise. More was to follow as I discerned a large, dark shape among them. A crow, making itself comfortable in a nest.

Now, this is a pretty densely populated housing estate with a few squares of greenery, dotted with a spindly collection of fairly young trees. Once seen, the nest stuck out like a banker at a soup kitchen. I don’t rate its chances.

Port Marine Crow's Nest

I had no chance to go further because the windscreen repairman called to say he was running ahead of schedule. His early arrival suited me far better than waiting all afternoon for him, so I beetled back to Gibb Towers. I needed the work done before my fully comprehensive insurance runs out. Have you seen the shit you pay for with that? Have you over used any of it? Apart from the broken glass, that is.

So, I took the opportunity to enter my nest as a Roving Record in the BTO’s Bird Atlas. I don’t find this an easy system to understand. I’m sure the navigation takes one to all sorts of interesting areas. I’m just not sure what each of them means. Like, is this my data? Everyone’s? For this tetrad? An entire 10km square? And which square is it anyway?

Fortunately, it was easy just to record the nest and get out. I hope the information is useful.

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