Once again in a limited edition of a trillion, this is available on receipt of your email address, which I shall not abuse (other than shouting at it). The previous edition ran something like:

“So, not long back from Australia I set up the blog, which continues to chunter along without troubling the world too much. It did get me one writing gig on a much bigger, American blog, thanks to my Maltese experiences last month.

“Late May I birded Scotland and visited old friends but mainly made a wee film in 48 hours. Then it was back down south in June for some serious twitching, not all of it too successful, and the usual ups and downs on the poker tables. Ever the glutton for punishment, I experimented with a second blog to showcase some of my more, er… creative writing.

“Early July saw the end of the spring birding excitement and the month rolled through the usual doldrums until I rectified June’s unsuccessful twitch with a yellow-legged gull, which did at least provoke a flurry of comments. So, someone was reading the blog. I piled on the agony and decided I needed a personal website too. I think I’ve done more computing lately than I ever did at work.

“Then it was down to the other end of the country in August to count seabirds past Gwennap Head. The travel didn’t stop that month as the annual BirdFair at Rutland also needed visiting and the local reserve at Upton Warren concluded a real purple patch with black terns.

“I’ve pretty much dealt with September apart from a day to the Bristol area, where I think I need to live again. Redditch is a bit shite. So far this month the highlight has been a great egret but I think I’ll be back in Scotland by the end of it. Look out, those north of the border!”

So, how could you resist the next installment?

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